Welcome to St. Mark and St. Mary of Egypt Coptic Orthodox Church where our doors and our hearts are wide open to you and to everyone seeking a place for spiritual growth and fellowship.

We pray that you will experience the tender presence of God in our midst through Liturgical prayer, our warm fellowship, and teachings from His Living Holy word - a combination that touches the heart and strengthens the soul.

Looking around, you will see that you are surrounded by people of various backgrounds, and some who may be going through the same experiences as you; people who are filled with joys and sorrows, hopes and fears, strengths and weaknesses. But the common goal is to use our experiences to draw nearer to our Lord, and to help one another.

We are all committed to experiencing God together, working to become a church which is pleasing to God. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere of loving acceptance, where people can grow spiritually through worship, honest friendships, a caring fellowship, constant prayer, and a compassionate concern for the world.

Whether you are just beginning your walk toward God, or have once walked with God and are now returning to Him, or if you are a committed believer continuing your walk with Him, you can find a home at St. Mark and St. Mary of Egypt Coptic Orthodox Church.

Please join us as we commit our lives in prayer, lift our hearts in worship, and extend our hands to serve His Holy Name, for the glory of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

God bless you,

St. Mark and St. Mary of Egypt Coptic Orthodox Church